NHML offers a wide range of chemical testing services, both qualitative and quantitative, for a variety of industries. These chemical analysis services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Identification of plastics, ceramics, metals and alloys

  • Identification of contaminants

  • Quantification of carbon/sulfur content in metals

  • Certification of material composition

  • Identifying the amount and type of filler, plasticizer in a polymer

  • Melting point of materials

  • pH and chloride testing

  • Corrosion analysis

  • Paint matching for automobile accidents

  • Deformulation of solvent mixtures

  • Deformulations and analysis of flavoring and aromas including liquid flavoring and aroma solutions, aroma analysis of candles and aromatic oils

Types of Chemical Tests:

NHML chemists are able to work with our clients during the testing process. We consider ourselves “Problem Solving Partners”, as we understand that each and every sample is unique along with our client’s requests. NHML works hard to troubleshoot and find a solution or provide insight to each individual problem. Whether it is an identification of an unknown substance or verification of compliance with a specification, NHML is here to help.



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