Mechanical testing is essential to all industries but especially manufacturers. This type of testing is the best way to ensure that your materials are performing to standard expectations, but more importantly your customers’ expectations. Mechanical testing helps reveal the true mechanical properties of the material or assembly that is in question. Whether it is a compression test on a plastic housing, an adhesion test of a laminate assembly or a hardness test on gun parts, these tests are real usable data, not calculated values. Mechanical testing is the first step that many companies take in putting together a crucial design into practice or mass production. NHML tests are performed to ASTM standards or to our customers’ specific procedures.

Metal and plastic strength, custom fixturing for testing finished parts, tension, compression, flexural properties & bend tests (bending), peel strength, tear strength, elongation, and more.

Applications of Mechanical Testing Techniques:

  • Failure Analysis

  • QA certification

  • Verification of certificates

  • Weld process/procedure qualification

  • New product testing

  • And so much more!

Type of Mechanical Testing and Analysis:



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